Our products

The vocation of SAFI EXPORT® is to be the the largest international manufacturers‘s partner to meet the needs of its customers.
Our approach in the choice of the distributed products is double:

1. To offer to all our customers the widest range.

2. To distribute genuine equipment and spare parts which answer your expectations.

EPIE - Personal Protective Equipment

SAFI EXPORT® can meet all your needs for personal protective equipment. From construction helmets to safety shoes, working gloves and blues, we can meet all your needs thanks to our sales department EPIE. All our products are available on www.epie.fr. You can also contact us to establish a price request.

Agricultural machinery and trailers - Tractor

Ask us for your needs of trailers, tractors, pumps, mechanized farming… For complete equipment or spare parts, SAFI EXPORT® will satisfy your needs.

Agrarian trailer:


Mechanized farming:

Air conditioning
For everyone’s well-being or to preserve your products from the heat, SAFI EXPORT® provides the equipment and spare parts for the refrigeration appliances.

For your safety, call for the best of braking equipment.

Ask us for your needs of spare parts and complete equipment, for your compressed air installations in stationary workshop or mobile site.


In order to increase your productivity, SAFI EXPORT® offers attack tools adapted to all surfaces.

Hydraulic Drive Tools – Pneumatic Tools and Compressors

Regardless of the terrain’s quality, SAFI EXPORT® provides the drilling equipment adapted to your project as well as all the equipment attached to the activity.

Equipments – Spare parts:


Pike – Drill cutter – Tricone



Regardless of your field of activity, to meet your energy needs we offer:

  • From the generator to the lighting tower
  • From welding group to electro-diesel equipment

Electric motor:



Welding group:

Vibrating motor:




Blast, efficiency, power, SAFI EXPORT® is able to meet your needs thanks to a wide range of new engines: standard factory exchange, renovated with or without a return of counterpart of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Essential consumables for the longevity of your engines and industrial installations, SAFI EXPORT® offers you the biggest brands of filters.


To transmit all the power to your equipment, SAFI EXPORT® provides your genuine gearbox, standard factory exchange, renovated with or without a return of counterpart of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Handling - Forklift

Lift, carry, load, SAFI EXPORT® offers a complete range of handling products.


Handling crane:

Lifting and handling:


Machinery or industrial installations, SAFI EXPORT® has the solution for your hydraulic equipment.

Industrial cleaning

Cleanness for everyone’s safety and well-being on the workstation, SAFI EXPORT® equips you with equipments and consumables for industrial cleaning.

High pressure cleaner – Sweeper – Vacuum cleaner – Car wash:

Wiping / Cleaning paper – Cleaning products


On the road or on your jobsite, SAFI EXPORT® offers you signaling equipment and safety accessories.


Ask the right tools for optimum performance. SAFI EXPORT® works with the biggest manufacturers.





Regardless of your needs, SAFI EXPORT® offers you its advice in this field.

What is more productive when everything is in its place safely?

SAFI EXPORT® possesses a wide range of equipments adapted to workshops.


Various storage and safety equipments:

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.