Who are we?

SAFI was founded in 1980 by Mr. Michel MARC, diesel technician, engine maintenance specialist for construction and mining equipment.

Quickly, Mr. MARC was joined by his children. This family business carried out most of its sales in supply of spare parts and maintenance of machinery engines of Public Works and Mining for the H.B.L. (Coal mine of the Lorraine Basin), M.D.P.A. (Potash Mines of Alsace) and other international customers.

During the following years, the company diversified itself and widened its lines of business to the Buildings Trade and Heavy Industry fields.

In 1993, SAFI becomes SAFI EXPORT. The growing experience allows the company to make privileged agreements with the biggest international manufacturers in order to develop its products ranges abroad. Supplier and customer panels expanded internationally, then diversified by adding to the business card the trucks’ spare parts‘s sector.

In 2000, Mr. Michel Marc retired from professional life and entrusted his business to his children.

The latter added to the business card the Oil, Gas and Marine Industry and the selling of new and used equipment.

For the upcoming years, our goals are to add new products to our range and conquest of new international markets.

The parent company is located in the heart of Europe where trade and logistics are favored by the proximity of a large number of neighboring countries such as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

Partner of the largest international manufacturers for over a quarter century, SAFI EXPORT® has special agreements with them to develop their product ranges abroad.

Thanks to a significant purchase volume and an exponential turnover, we guarantee preferential and competitive rates as well as priorities on the availability of stock on our range of genuine equipment.

Our international vocation is supported by a team of multilingual consultants who are experts in international markets. Our work is based on listening and constant communication with our customers.

The management of your file and our methodology of intervention offer you the best deadlines and structured budgets.

We define together your specific needs and find the most appropriate technical solutions. These constructive exchanges in close collaboration have become indispensable facing the growing technicality of the most complex products.

This is why we are able to satisfy all market’s demands for genuine spare parts and complete equipment worldwide.

Our team is able to satisfy your requirements, both by the quality of the genuine equipment in our warehouses and manufacturers supplies and by our responsiveness and personalized follow-up.

SAFI EXPORT® is the result of years of constant attention, commitment and good management.

Our professional philosophy gives you the guarantee of new solutions to meet all your needs for genuine spare parts and equipment.

SAFI Export® brings together a team of professionals with complementary skills, dedicated to obtaining the best results to meet all your needs.

Christophe Marc

Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Noël Marc

Technical Consultant

+33 3 82 56 67 07


Gaëlle Mertz

Financial and Administrative Manager

+33 3 82 56 44 44


Emilie Kircher

Export Sales

+33 3 82 56 64 85


Lorella Marzin

Export Sales Assistant

+33 3 82 56 66 92


Michel Dole

Storekeeper / Commercial

+33 3 82 56 67 93


Rémi Boiteux

E-commerce / Sales manager

+33 3 82 56 68 35


• Listening, advice and needs definition
• Price request, price control and availability upon receipt of offers
• Analysis of the geographic location of the customer
• Quotation
• Order tracking
• Goods control
• Packaging and shipment tracking until final admission at the customer
• Management of the administrative and financial part

We want to maintain our leading position in the spare parts and complete equipment market.

Responsiveness today is one of the main vectors of competitiveness in business. Facing direct and indirect competition, adapting and reacting quickly in an innovative way in front of the market is essential.

It is based on a mix of strategies. We base ourselves initially on the fundamentals of the companies and we weight their potential on qualitative research which is discretionary to us.

Each company that has passed our initial filters is then analyzed on the macroeconomic, sectoral and individual growth criteria. The last stage of the selection process is confidential to us.

Analysis confirm the high performance of our sales and customer tracking system. As a result, we owe much of our growth to our few hundred customers.

Our goals for the coming years are the representation of new products and new destinations. We are indeed strengthening our international presence through a strategic investment on five continents.

We are well developed to successfully implement our growth strategy: strong, sustainable and profitable. Confident in the achievement of our objectives, in the medium and long term, in spite of fluctuations of conjuncture which can intervene.

SAFI EXPORT® operates in a specific environment: the supply of genuine spare parts, industrial supplies and complete equipment. This environment imposes strict criteria of reliability. These values ​​make SAFI EXPORT® a safe, responsible and humane company.

SAFI EXPORT® has been able to involve in its ethical conception ideas as strong as:
Performance, expertise, transparency, boldness and precision.

Transparency is a characteristic of all our actions. We impose ourselves a high degree of requirement aiming at an action in the continuity with a permanent concern of sincerity.

It is in this context that the current rules, both in the field and in our business management policy, are strict and unavoidable.

It is with all these strong and significant ethical and moral values ​​that we strive to develop a human-sized company for the best interest of all and to contribute modestly to building a more responsible world.

Certified ISO 9001: 2015, phytosanitary, NIMP 15, SAFI EXPORT® implements a very strict quality charter and guarantees a follow-up and control from the definition of the needs until the delivery and reception of the goods.


Financing solutions

SAFI EXPORT® selected as banking partners specialists in the financing of international transactions. We suggest you to study the most adapted solutions*.
*Subject to acceptance of your file.


Thanks to its logistics department, SAFI EXPORT® offers an adapted and comprehensive answer across the entire transport and logistics chain by the largest airlines, shipping companies, highways and expressways.
Our only goal: to satisfy you and bring you sourcing solutions wherever you are in the world.

Rewarded skills

In the export category, SAFI EXPORT® was part of a selection of 608 companies and received the award for the best performance “THE CORPORATE CARD, ECHOS” following results in constant evolution.

A personalized service wherever you are.

The trust and satisfaction of our customers are the best proofs of the effectiveness of our supply solution in the various lines of business.

In addition to importers, we count local distributors and many renowned international companies.

They already trust us:

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.